Starting something...

Have you ever had this one dream that you were afraid to admit?
For me, that was writing. I mean, I'm not a professional, not even that talented, but that doesn't really matter, does it? In the end, my dream is only about creating stories and have something I can call my own.

I've recently mentioned to a friend that admitting to dreams is complicated, because when you admit you want something you must be prepared to handle the disappointment along the way, whereas if you never mention it out loud ... well, no disappointment and no dream either. I guess that to be able to enjoy victory you also have to consider some defeat in your life.

So, here I am babbling, I'll start by the very beginning.

My name is Ana and I'm a Computer Engineer, geek to the very last bone. But I am also a lover of cheesy historical romance. Yep, love the happily ever after stuff, especially those set in the 18th and 19th Century, Why? I'll probably get to that topic in a different post.
I'm also a lover of fantasy books, Lord of the Rings style, but most recently I've been a huge fan of Juliet Marillier's work.

I've decided to create a blog where I can share my stuff and thoughts, maybe some books I enjoyed. Please bear in mind that English is not my mother tongue. You'll see a lot of bad grammar, feel free to correct :-), learning is also a good purpose in life.

So, visitor, just let me know below about your own dreams.

Cheers, Ana